Would You Like To Feel Confident (& Actually Enjoy!) Making Delicious, Unique & Personal Gifts For Any Occasion?

You thought edible gifts were easy to make, just pick a recipe, follow the steps. It looks easy on all those cooking shows. Just google the steps and away you go.        

The problem? Those cooking shows never show you ALL the steps, like what recipes make good gifts and how to package it nicely or how to plan your time if making multiple items and how far in advance you can make your gifts.  

  • So if you were even game enough to give it a go, it just didn’t turn out like what you imagined in your head.
  • Or maybe you picked the wrong recipe and it wasn’t the best one for a gift. 
  • And it wasn’t nearly as much fun as you had hoped!
  • If you’d known you would spend that much time, effort and mess for that result you would have just gone to the store.

Maybe you have experienced some of these things too? 

I started making edible gifts as a teenager as a way to make personal and unique gifts without much money.   As a grown up I continued as a way to give more unique personal gifts. I tried different recipes, some worked, others didn’t.  

After much trial and error and a long time I found exactly what recipes make the perfect gifts, how to organise my time when making multiple items like at Christmas or for a gift basket and the best ways to package and present them. Unlike just finding a recipe you need all these things to have the greatest success, the least stress and most enjoyment with edible gift making.  


Gifts From Your Kitchen-Thermomix Edition

The recipe book that takes you step by step, to make beautiful edible gifts that wow your friends and family.
The perfect book for beginner cooks and those who want to expand their skills.    

You’ll learn how to:
Create unique personalised gifts for those you care about for any occasion without the frustration.
Make a plan when making multiple gifts or items to simplify the process and reduce stress.
Enhance your gift with packaging ideas and tricks-watch those compliments roll in.
Enjoy the gift making process and delight your family and friends.
Make the most of your machine at Christmas, mothers day, birthdays etc with these recipes for use in a Thermomix.

What’s insidGifts From Your Kitchen

Digital Recipe Book-Thermomix Edition

30 sweet and savoury recipes that have been hand picked to make perfect gifts. All written for use in a Thermomix.
Recipes range from quick and simple to elaborate so you will be ready for every gift giving occasion no matter how much or little time you have.
Each recipe is step by step so any level of cook can achieve great results with ease.
Beautiful colour photos so you can see exactly what you are making in advance.  
Book is divided into sweet and savoury and then organised by sections based on how far before gift giving each recipe can be made allowing you to make some items months in advance.
Tips and tricks on organisation so you can make the most of your time, reduce stress and actually enjoy the process.  
Advice for packaging your gift for presentation and freshness.

BONUS: Make It Personal 

Gifts cards and labels are the best way to add a personal touch to your gift. These printable labels and cards help you add that finishing touch.

BONUS: Shopping List Template

This handy list will help you work out what items you need and make sure nothing is forgotten at the shop.

Thermomix Digital Recipe Book

$17 AUD